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The companies and people listed below work with and help Drakesol Design in different aspects of Web and Internet Solutions. We work as team to offer more avenues and support to our clients and allow them to experiance the whole package at an afordale rate under one roof.

Below is a list of the companies and a brief description of what they do in conjunction with and/or for Drakesol Design...

Zone Internet Advertising

We often hear this from clients... their main focus is to get their website designed and launched. The best time to perform optimization is before the design is even started. Why? Because optimization tasks (like keyword research) can have a significant impact on the best methods to use in design, site structure, navigation and more importantly - how the content is written. Changing these elements after the design is problematic and costly. At the very least; ask your designer to include a search specialist for consulting before design - it can save you in lost traffic, conversions and profit for a long time to come.

90DayGoals Development Systems

Director/CEO, Frank Gasiorowski,
The 90DayGoals (NDG) Company provides coaching services both Personal and Corporate. Goal setting both personal and corporate are the foundation for any successful outcome. The proprietary systems approach is what makes NDG stand-out in the developmental marketplace. Whether you are personally looking to accelerate your progress or your corporation is looking to improve the "Bottom-line," 90DayGoals is the #1 company for your needs. Coaching and mentoring speeds your growth and lessens the overall cost of doing business.

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We are plesed to have a local Proforma office in our fancinity. They provide us with all our Commercial Printing and Production needs. Your printed projects speak volumes about your company's business and brand. As our printing partner, Proforma places a high level of importance on guiding our customers through the printing process. From start to finish, they will help you select the most professional graphic treatments and paper options for each of your printed projects.

Proforma can provide your business with exciting print services that include:

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Located minutes from Baltimore and Washington DC; Drakesol Design offers expert Internet Solution services including: search engine optimization, website analysis, and top-shelf web design to clients nationwide. We take a comprehensive approach, constantly finding new ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI in the form of new leads and increased sales. We focus on usability for both human visitors as well as search engines and design websites that are results-oriented.