SEO - SEM - Copyright Prices

The Prices Below reflect an individual Service, Please Contact us about our Package Deals which can save you as much as 50% on the prices Below..

Search Engine Optimization

$150 per page. This is a combination of the two services we offer bellow SEO Copyright and SEO META Tagging. After you have your site analyzed, Drakesol Design will infuse the coding on the pages that you want Optimized and SEO Copyright the text. This full service feature will get your site ranked and bring in the targeted traffic you want.

Search Engine Marketing

$100 month. Your site will be indexed on all the major search engines, through submissions, link share, networking, etc... S.E.M is often outsourced to Advertising companies like Drakesol Design. Inbound links are extremely important to keep indexing fresh, show relevance and site popularity.

SEO Copyright

$100 per page. Great for Companies who only want there text optimized. Our text is designed to grab the consumers attention and is search engine friendly to your target market. We make sure Search Robots index your pages properly and that the right amount of keywords and phrases are built into the text. Not only the body of the page but the relevant Headers and alt tags as well.

SEO META Tagging

$75 per page. Writing meta tags is one of the most important parts of SEO and web site creation in general. It is what the client sees before theyclick on the page and is what is displayed bythet Serach engines on there pages. A search engine finding your web site with no meta tags is like finding the neddle in the hay stack, a vertual impossability and worst of all if it found your site by luck It wouldn't know whattodo with it...

Procedures Services



Located minutes from Baltimore and Washington DC; Drakesol Design offers expert Internet Solution services including: search engine optimization, website analysis, and top-shelf web design to clients nationwide. We take a comprehensive approach, constantly finding new ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI in the form of new leads and increased sales. We focus on usability for both human visitors as well as search engines and design websites that are results-oriented.