Drakesol Designs Mission

Since 1998 we have had one mission in mind and that is to provide quality websites on affordable budgets. Our team of designers have worked for other companies and seen what they charge and the products they deliver. In most cases we realized you, the client, are paying for the ASSUMED company responsibilities and features that should be FREE or included in the packages. To put it lightly there was a lot of nickel and dimming going on in these contracts.

There is NO reason for any company to have to pay marked up prices for features you can get at normal to discounted rates just because of a name. Drakesol Design will deliver the same quality and usability in our Web Sites as the bigger named companies and save you in the bottom line. We do this by offering OTS (Off the Shelf) products that we can customize to make fit on your site and save you money. By doing this you receive a quality tested product that is beta tested for compatibility and usability while still being unique and effective.

Creating a custom web site that you can be proud of and one that delivers you companies’ vision, Information and or Product to your targeted Audience is our number one goal. Seeing you achieve that goal using a web site that Drakesol Design created is our pleasure and we look forward to helping you in every aspect of your internet future.

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I researched multiple companies looking to redesign my site and add some functionality. I wanted to sell my book and reach a larger market. Drakesol Design was the right price and delivered exactly what I wanted.

Thank You, Frank Gasiorowski

About US


Located minutes from Baltimore and Washington DC; Drakesol Design offers expert Internet Solution services including: search engine optimization, website analysis, and top-shelf web design to clients nationwide. We take a comprehensive approach, constantly finding new ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI in the form of new leads and increased sales. We focus on usability for both human visitors as well as search engines and design websites that are results-oriented.