SEO Procedures

Step 1:   You will fill out an SEO form that breaks down the purpose and Keywords that you are trying to be found by. At the same time we will run an analysis of your site only in regards to SEO and see what your current strong points are if any.

Step 2:   We will combine that information and do a phone consulting call to discuss options to better improve your sites visibility and CTR (Click thru ratio) threw the SEO process.

Step 3:   Our SEO Specialist will then begin to write out the Meta tags and if contracted too the new content for the site, which will given to you for review.

Step 4:   Finally once you have agreed upon the changes and/or additions we will upload the new tags and content and make sure that it is correctly inserted, rerun the same test as before to see how the outcomes have changed and report our findings to you.

If you want Google Analytical tracking so you can track your sites visitors we can provide that to you as well, Please contact us about that feature.

Pricing Services



Located minutes from Baltimore and Washington DC; Drakesol Design offers expert Internet Solution services including: search engine optimization, website analysis, and top-shelf web design to clients nationwide. We take a comprehensive approach, constantly finding new ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI in the form of new leads and increased sales. We focus on usability for both human visitors as well as search engines and design websites that are results-oriented.