New Site Procedures

Step 1:   You will fill out a Site Design form with a list of main or sub pages what type of content you are trying to provide on those pages and any layouts that you might want to reference in your design. Included in that form will be any scripts or features that you might want to offer your site viewers and/or potential clients.

Step 2:   After receiving that form we will look over your recommendations and create some of our own and set up phone consultation that will discuss what you want and your recommendations and our teams’ thoughts on what we think you might want also. This is a great way to here out different options and come to a complete understanding of what is exactly needed and wanted so that we are all on the same page in creating the site.

Step 3:   Our team of designers will then create the agreed upon number of prospective redesigned layouts for you to look at and critic until we get a design that is agreed upon.

Step 4:   Finally we will build out the site in that design adding all the features and scripts that were agreed upon in the contract prior to starting and implement the content/images provided by you and anything that you requested Drakesol Design to create on our own.

Pricing Services



Located minutes from Baltimore and Washington DC; Drakesol Design offers expert Internet Solution services including: search engine optimization, website analysis, and top-shelf web design to clients nationwide. We take a comprehensive approach, constantly finding new ways to help our clients achieve a better ROI in the form of new leads and increased sales. We focus on usability for both human visitors as well as search engines and design websites that are results-oriented.